Acai and Goji Microdermabrasion Kit

£60.00 £45.00

The Schmoo Microdermabrasion Kit contains Micro Scrub 30ml, Facial Wash 30ml, Mask 30ml and Moisturiser 30ml.

Micro Scrub – This boosting micro scrub works in a similar way to standard microdermabrasion but without the harsh chemicals. With fine grain pumice stone and hyaluronic acid our micro scrub acts to remove the top layer of dead skin, leaving a glow that is second to none.

Facial Wash – Our skin cooling facial wash is a rich sulphate free cream that will remove the remaining dirt from the skin. It is soothing and cooling after the micro scrub treatment and will refresh and smooth out the skin.

Acai & Goji Berry Mask – Packed full of super berries this mask is designed to draw out deep impurities whilst leaving the skin full of health and plump to the touch. This cream clay will deeply moisturise the skin whilst working its magic, the skin is left looking Schuper!

Acai & Goji Berry Moisturiser – To complete the treatment apply our super skin boosting moisturiser which is designed to cool and re-hydrate the skin. This moisturiser is highly effective and results driven.